Self Medicated

Self Medicated

A documentary covering the events of the Antagonist Movement over 2013. From street to gallery see the new wave in art from the last American art movement.

Documentary film director Ethan Minsker of the Antagonist Movement has a lot in common with our doc subjects. He has a long history with DIY filmmaking, zine creation, and Public Access Television and has known many of our gang for 20 years! He met Jerry, Joe, Dan, and the other 30MOM crew through mail correspondence in the mid-90s while they were doing their zine, “Hoofsip.” They’d trade videos through the mail as well as contribute to each other’s zines—Ethan fronting the long-running “Psycho Moto Zine.”

This week, Ethan released the trailer for his latest documentary, “Self Medicated.” The film explores a year behind the scenes of the Antagonist Movement, a group of artists based in NYC, but with a global reach. The trailer opens with a line that feels like it’s speaking to us directly:

“Sick of watching documentaries on already rich and famous artists?”

Why, yes, thank you! Though we’re a little jealous since we can’t use that line for our film now. Well played Ethan. Check out the trailer and links below!

Trailer: Self Medicated the movie from Ethan H. Minsker on Vimeo.

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