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Tom Green’s Webovision & LA Doc Premiere

Hello from the 20 Years of Madness team—we hope you’re having a great summer!!

We’ve got some exciting news! Today, August 7th, from 5-6PM PST (8-9PM EST), our producer and doc subject Jerry White Jr., along with fellow doc subject Jesus Rivera, will be appearing on Tom Green’s LIVE Webovision show! Tom will be showing clips from the doc and getting into some shenanigans with our guys. Tune in live on YouTube—and call or video Skype if you want to ask any questions on the air! or
Call only during the live show at (818) 556-1549 or Skype: WEBOVISIONLIVE

UPDATE! In case you missed the show live, here it is in its entirety:


Tom will also be joining us this coming Monday for our LA premiere! We’re screening at the ArcLight Hollywood as part of the Slamdance Cinema Club. This is ONE NIGHT ONLY and should not be missed! Tom will be moderating the Q&A with both cast and crew from the film!!

Slamdance Cinema Club Presents
Monday, August 10th, 8pm
Hollywood ArcLight 6360 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90028

Tickets are available here:

ArcLight Screening

As always, thank you for your continued support. We hope you tune in to see the guys and, if you’re in LA, come out to see the film on the big screen!

Want to see 20 Years of Madness on the big screen?

20 Years of Madness ON TOUR

We’re in the midst of our 2015 festival run and it’s going great so far! We have a number of screenings coming up over the next few weeks and would love it if you could join us! If you’re in or near Mammoth Lakes, San Francisco, Brooklyn, or Dallas—come on out!

Mammoth Lakes Film Festival

Mammoth Lakes, California

Saturday, May 30
12:00 PM
USFS Theatre
Jeremy & Jerry present for Q&A

• • • • •

Brooklyn Film Festival

Brooklyn, New York

Wednesday, June 3
10:00 PM
Wythe Hotel
Jeremy & Jerry present for Q&A

Thursday, June 4
6:30 PM
Windmill Studios
Jerry present for Q&A

• • • • •

SF Doc Fest

San Francisco, California

Saturday, June 6
4:45 PM
Roxie Theater
Jeremy present for Q&A

Monday, June 8
9:15 PM
Roxie Theater

• • • • •

Oak Cliff Film Festival

Dallas, Texas

Saturday, June 13
1:00 PM
The Kessler
Jerry present for Q&A

• • • • •

Thanks everyone, that’s all for now. Please let us know if you think you may attend one of these screenings!

Slamdance, Reviews, and More Screenings

2015 is off to a great start for 20 Years of Madness! We’d like to share just a few highlights with you…


Our World Premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival was an amazing experience. We were selected to be the Opening Night Documentary and we sold out both of our screenings! And we’re proud and humbled to announce that we received the Slamdance Jury Honorable Mention for Documentary Feature. The Jury had this to say about our film:

“Reminding us that it’s never too late to chase your dreams, 20 Years of Madness is brimming with stunning cinematography, eccentric characters and a heartfelt story about the desire to do something great while confronting the reality of failure.”

But the best part about our time at Slamdance was the wonderful filmmakers we met and the new friends we made. We’re honored to be a part of such a passionate, eclectic, and inspired community! And we’re very thankful to everyone who made the trek to Utah to help celebrate and support our film!

Park City Madness

Cast & Crew of “20 Years of Madness” pose for a portrait at the Village at the Lift Presented by McDonald’s McCafe during the 2015 Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2015 in Park City, Utah. (January 24, 2015 – Source: Getty Images North America)

The Reviews Are In

Since our premiere, reviews have started to pop up online and in print. What are they saying? We’ll let you see for yourselves (hint: so far, so good). We’ve been updating our reviews and interviews on our website, here:

However, we do want to highlight one particular review by the venerable Hollywood Reporter. Frankly, we feel getting reviewed by this publication is an accomplishment in itself, but to get such an excellent review…we’re speechless!

’20 Years of Madness’: Film Review
Generation X faces its teenage ideals head-on in 20 Years of Madness, a clear-eyed and poignant documentary that explores whether you can go home again…

Future Fests

We’re excited to be bringing 20 Years of Madness to more cities (and countries) throughout this year and beyond. While a number of festivals have not officially made their announcements, here are a couple we can tell you about now:

Freep Film Festival, March 20th, 8:30pm
Our made-in-Michigan documentary will have its Michigan premiere in just a few short weeks. And there will be a special screening of Episode 15 of 30 MINUTES OF MADNESS after the doc! We can’t wait to finally share the film and show with the Motor City!

Cleveland International Film Festival, March 28th, 9:35pm & March 29th, 4:30pm
The Rock and Roll Capital of the World will be screening the film just one week after our Detroit premiere. In its 39th year, CIFF is a must-attend fest and we’re thrilled to be going!

Both of the festival links above have information on how to buy tickets and how to attend the fests. If you’re in Michigan or Ohio, come hang out with us and see the movie on the big screen!

That’s all for now, we’ll just leave you with one final image: our official movie poster, with a few laurels included for good measure. Thanks and we hope to have more good new to share with you in the near future!


Slamdance 2015 World Premiere!

Slamdance Premiere VHS

We’ve found our home in Park City! 20 Years of Madness is now an Official Selection of the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival. We are humbled and honored to premiere our film among such great company!! Thanks to the cast, crew, and all of our supporters!

Variety Slamdance 2015 Press Release

For more information and updates, please like our facebook page if you haven’t already!


The 20YOM Team


3 years ago this month we shot the first bit of footage for what would become 20 YEARS OF MADNESS. Since then we’ve shot around 200 hours over 75 production days and have poured through hundreds of hours of analog video our doc subjects taped in the 90s. We’ve run two successful kickstarter campaigns, made a lot of new friends and reconnected with old ones. It’s been an immensely rewarding process and we’re excited to announce that we’ve reached a significant milestone:

Picture Lock!

Now our sound designer Kimberly Patrick, and composers Alexis & Sam, can apply their craft to take the documentary to the next level. The work they’ll be doing goes beyond adding “polish” to the film—they’ll be adding emotion, strengthening the theme, and giving even greater depth to the story. From the start of production we’ve been blessed to work with such a talented group of people, both behind and in front of the camera, and we’re thrilled to have that luck extend into this final stage. 

Of course, we couldn’t have made it this far without all of the people who have supported us along the way. From our kickstarter backers and executive producers to the many friends, family, and strangers whose insightful feedback on various cuts of the film have been crucial to reaching this point. Our sincerest thanks, we truly could not have done this without all of you! 

We are so excited to share this movie with the world. 2015 is just a few months away…not a long time to wait for a film that has been, in a way, over 20 years in the making! 

20 YEARS OF MADNESS Picture Lock

We’re Halfway There!

We are halfway through our kickstarter campaign—time for an update! First of all, we’d like to thank all of our generous backers so far. We’d also like to thank our friends and family for helping us spread the word about our fundraising efforts. We’ve been releasing bonus videos from the doc and it’s been great seeing all the shares on Facebook. If you haven’t seen our video releases, here are a couple of our favorites.

What is 30 MINUTES OF MADNESS? This video pretty much gives a definitive answer.

Watch our doc subjects go all out while filming a skit for 30MOM.

With just under two weeks to go, we still need your help to spread the word. We’ve now raised over $4000 from 69 backers, but if we can’t raise an additional $11,000 we’ll lose all of your donations. We’re making a mark though; last week we were Indiewire’s Project of the Day and got backed by Kickstarter Staff. We’ve been reaching out to press, plan a reddit AMA, and TONIGHT we’ll be in Echo Park premiering the new episode of 30 MINUTES OF MADNESS.

Thanks again for your support. And if you want to see more bonus videos and special announcements this month, head over and like our Facebook page.


MEDIA ADVISORY | For Immediate Release
Contact: Jeremy Royce,


DIY Documentary Tells The Story Of The Eccentric Creators Behind A Bizarre Mid-90s Metro Detroit Public Access TV Show As They Reunite After 20 Years To Make A New Episode In An Effort To Reconcile Their Teenage Dreams With The Reality Of Adulthood

LOS ANGELES20 YEARS OF MADNESS follows Jerry White Jr., creator of the Metro Detroit 90s cult Public Access TV Show 30 MINUTES OF MADNESS, as he returns to his hometown of Rochester, Michigan to make a new episode for the show’s twenty-year anniversary. The show included a ragtag cast of outsiders who routinely played offbeat and crazy characters. What they couldn’t have predicted was that the wild and unhinged lifestyle they embraced on the show would eventually become a reality for many of them later in life.

Jerry, now 36, a graduate of Oakland University and a recent MFA grad of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, never stopped believing in the show and the potential of its collaborators. As we follow him back to Michigan, the film explores the bond between childhood friends, now struggling in adulthood, after life has failed to provide many of them with the opportunities for which they had hoped. As Jerry gathers everyone together, he is forced to confront years of resentment, rebuild burnt bridges, and balance challenging personalities in the hope of reviving a once thriving creative community. 20 YEARS OF MADNESS explores the importance of friendship in artistic collaboration and how it can be used to overcome and transcend the labels and expectations placed on us by society. And while film’s subjects lives have not turned out the way they envisioned in their youth, they learn it’s never too late to be what you might have been.

The film is directed by California native Jeremy Royce and mentored by Acadamey Award Winning documentarian Mark Jonathan Harris. For more information about 20 YEARS OF MADNESS and to view the trailer, visit: For downloadable press materials visit

20 YEARS OF MADNESS 2013 Year in Review


Wow, a year goes by fast! We’ve been working our asses off on 20 YEARS OF MADNESS and it keeps getting better and better. Here’s just some of what we’ve been up to in 2013:

• January 1st: Brought on our incredible editor, Jose Santos.
• February 1st: Added our talented and industrious producer, Kaveh Taherian.
• January–May: Poured through 350 hours of 30MOM archival footage and the 150 hours of doc footage we shot in 2012.
• January–April: Edited the 500 hours of raw footage into the first cut of 20 YEARS OF MADNESS.
• April 24th: Completed the first cut of the doc (four hours long!).
• April 29th: Released the 30 MINUTES OF MADNESS Mix Tape Vol. 1.
• June 14th: Screened a trimmed-down rough cut for 18 of our most trusted LA filmmaker friends and got their indispensable feedback.
• July 21st: Flew back to Michigan for 2 weeks of pickup shooting.
• October 14th: Completed the sixth rough cut and started courting film festivals.
• December 16th: Shot new interviews with the LA cast to augment the latest edit.


We made a ton of progress in 2013, but 2014 has even more in store for 20 YEARS OF MADNESS. Here’s what we’re looking forward to in the coming year…

• January: Handing off the cut to our immensely gifted composing duo, Sam Jones and Alexis Marsh.
• February 1st: Worldwide release of our brand spanking new trailer.
• February 1st: Online premiere of 30 MINUTES OF MADNESS episode 15 for our Kickstarter backers.
• February 15th: Launch of our shiny new website courtesy of our esteemed colleague Tom Roof.
• April: Complete picture-lock of 20 YEARS OF MADNESS.
• April: Hand off the locked picture to our brilliant soundies, Kim Patrick and Baihui Yang for sound design.
• May: Final Mix at Skywalker Sound and color correction.

We still have a lot of work to do, but we’re confident 20 YEARS OF MADNESS will live up to all of your wildest and weirdest expectations! And there’s much more in store for 2014 that we can’t divulge just yet, so keep your eyes on our website and Facebook page for all the latest and greatest.

As always, thank you for your support and enthusiasm for this film!



NES Remix

Are you having 8-Bit withdrawal? Well Nintendo has your fix. The company that got us hooked on video games back in the 90s just released NES Remix, featuring 16 of your favorite classic games. Ever wish you could play the original Donkey Kong as Link? We do! Check out their promo video here.

And in the spirit of 8-Bit nostalgia, check out this classic 30 MINUTES OF MADNESS clip featuring John Ryan, Jesus Rivera and Chris Sprague…